v1.0.0 Released to Beta

We are pleased to announce that v1.0.0 has now been made available to our private beta testers group. Beta testers are an invaluable part of our development process, and we rely on their efforts and communication during the release process. We expect a few iterations of beta releases prior to a public release candidate. Over the last several months, and with version 1.0.0 …

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Beta Testing – 3 months access for free

Hi all,

From today you can see our latest baby: Rota System (The Premier Automated Employee Management System.) To gain access to a demo account, please send us an email to: demo(at)rota-system.com (please write your company name and a few details in the email).You will receive email updates that detail the information you need to use to log i. We are very excited that from Saturday 8/10/2013 you will be able to open an account completely for free for the next three months. This is a Beta account, so not all of the system options have been finished. Whilst we finish up the programming side why get 3 months absolutely free?

Right now the system is 90% complete, so you can already easily use it. After this 3 month trial period, the maximum cost for access to the system will be about 0.80 pence per employee, per month – a real bargain! The more employees that you sign up with, the lower the price per employee will be. Join us on Rota-system and you will very quickly see the benefits our system brings to your work place.
Rota Systems Team
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Welcome again to the Rota Systems Blog Page!!

You may or may not have seen our Indiegogo Crowdfund campaign (click here if you haven’t), which we are incredibly excited about, but equally hecka-nervous about.

We hope that all has been conveyed in the video, but in case it hasn’t we’d like to reiterate what we are trying to achieve here are five facts about us and the platform we are building.

1. We are a web startup based in London UK, trying to complete the build of a employee web product called Rota-System.

2. We are trying to complete the build of a web platform, which grants solution to the perils of staff scheduling and front-end management, through a simple automated secure web-interface called Rota-Systems.

3. We are on the side of the employees and employers. Through our own work experiences, we have both been at the sharp end of poor staff calendar management and all the short-comings it forcibly brings. With our platform we intend to make a staff calendar easier to manage with platform that assess directly staff labour costs, time-sheets and staff hours. We want staff to be able to access their work-calendar through the web / mobile application when the rota is published.

4. We know from research, that incredibly staff calendars are still done manually i.e. on paper. We have no problem with that. Except for one thing. The environment. Understandably the staff calendar should be on the staff board, but why should employees have to phone into work, to find out if it has been published, and If their any extra shifts available? Answer that. We conducted our research on London’s Oxford Street, the longest shopping street in Europe, and ask many retailer how they calendarised their staff. An incredible 54% of them we still using paper, much to the dismay of their staff. The rest were a mixture of in-house management systems and outsourced products.

5. It takes resources to complete projects. We’re are in this for the long haul and have set out a simple vision for a relatively simple project. We hope you may contribute and/or share this campaign with friends / family / co-workers or even your managers!!


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And we are live!!!

Here you are!!

The Indiegogo crowdfund campaign trailer. We are so pumped you have no idea!!

Our target is £50,000 over 60 days. We have faith in the public and hope you will contribute.

Like us on Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter.

Or most crucially share our campaign: http://igg.me/at/RotaSystems/x/2043221

Any questions email us: info@rota-system.com

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Hi there,

Welcome to the Official Blog page and of Rota-Systems.

We are a Start-up up based in London UK, on a mission to create an employee management application for Web and Mobile, with the prime facility of managing

  • Working patterns
  • Employee availability
  • Working shifts
  • Holidays & Sickness
  • & Labour Costs

in automation.

Even more important is that this is an Employee to Employer / Employee to Employee product, launching for business and Industries at offered at an affordable cost.

As founders we know there is a need for this product, through our experiences working for institutions and businesses, where the staff notice-board remains the place where all employees finds out their working hours, granted holidays and posts for available shifts.

For anyone who has experienced their work-life being mis-managed, this platform is for you.

Early last year two guys from London, Mariusz Salik & Jarrel Walcott, set out to conquer this archaic system, by building a management platform online, once and for all.

The build is nearing competition, and we think the product could be remarkable.

Watch this space, and look out for our Indiegogo fundraising campaign launching in the coming weeks.

Best Wishes,

Jarrel + Mariusz

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